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BTT - Riverview Ex
Wheat Field
Riverview: Our Iconic Landscape

Exhibition 2016

In this exhibition, Art Focus Artists' Association wished to highlight the beauty of the Riverview lands, its historical buildings and trees and the need to preserve this unique property. An exhibit called, "Riverview: Our Iconic Landscape," was held at Pendulum Gallery, HSBC Building, 885 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC from February 15 to March 5, 2016. Members' artworks from this exhibition are featured below.

Zeny Nielsen

by Zeny Nielsen

Val Bordian

by Val Bordian

Teesa Christie

by Teesa Christie

by Rae Yano

by Rae Yano

by Pia Longstaffe

by Pia Longstaffe

by Linda J. Prior

by Linda J. Prior

by Edith Heckel

by Edith Heckel

by Doris Patko

by Doris Park

by Debbie Halyk

by Debbie Halyk acrylic painting

by Anna Wagner

by Anna Wagner

Seven Swams a Swimming

by Collin Craig watercolour painting

by Christine Malone

by Christine Malone acrylic painting

by Christine Koenders

by Christine Koenders acrylic painting

by Christine Pearch

by Christine Pearch acrylic painting

by Christopher Stanbury

by Christopher Stanbury acrylic painting

Ben Nishibata

by Ben Nishibata

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