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About Us

Our Constitution

The purposes of our society are >

  1. Promote visual arts in the community of Port Coquitlam through art shows and exhibits.

  2. Encourage and facilitate the development of knowledge and skills in painting and other              visual arts in the community.

  3. Share club resources with other arts & culture groups and the public in the community                 through artist's demonstrations, art shows and workshops as determined by the club.



President                  CHRISTINE Malone

Vice-President      JULIE Brassington      

Treasurer              LISA Bewley

Secretary              BETH David

Beach Painting
List of Members

Art Focus Members 2023 - 2024

**Click on member's name to view his/hers artist or studio website.

Lisa Bewley

Kathy Blore

Val Bordian

Julie Brassington

Andrew Carroll

Sherry Carroll

Helena Chan

Coral Ye Chen

Teesa Christie**

Arlene Connolly

Beth David

Mylene Dayrit-Kubicek

Irene Giesbrecht

Stephen Goode

Ilona Gregor

Minu Gupta


Tomi Hewer

Vincent Hui


Laurie Jones-Canta**

Eva Kapytskaya

Neli Kapytskaya

Christine Koenders

Alexine Law

Christine Lynch


Christine Malone

Sahar McCullough

Lucia Milosavljevic

Zeny Nielsen

Dianne Nielsen

Helen Ramsay**

Pam Raymond


Shermineh Razavifar

Wendy Russo

Sneha Sansare

Amy Siddaway**


Martin Sollanych**

Marilyn Theobald

Wah-Kee Ting

Dianna Veenhof

Carla Vermatt

Bob Wallace**

Sandy Walker


Rae Yano

Seema Zaidi

Nasrin Zavieh

Art Focus Artists' Association is supported by Port Coquitlam Community Foundation, CCD Investment Program and The Province of British Columbia

Watercolor Painting

    For list of members who provide art lessons to the public, please click here.

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