Tiffany Blaise's Art Demo Video

May 26, 2021

Art Focus Artists' Association is pleased to present Tiffany Blaise's art
demonstration video. Tiffany is a Vancouver Watercolourist who creates contemporary landscape paintings infused with expression and gesture.
Tiffany's art demonstration video below will be available on our website for a full month starting May 26th. Enjoy!
Tiffany Blaise
Watercolour Artist
Tiffany Blaise
Watercolour Artist

Demo Description:

Join Vancouver-based artist Tiffany Blaise as she illustrates how to create an expressive landscape painting using experimental techniques with watercolour. During her demo in the video above, Tiffany will show participants how to mix and blend watercolours, paint clouds and reflections, as well as let loose with watercolour paint. Attendees will get a sense of intuitive painting and learn skills to explore this wonderful method on their own. Perfect for folks trying their hand at watercolours for the first time, experienced watercolorists looking to loosen their style, or anyone wanting to peek inside Tiffany’s artistic process.


Materials list:

  • Watercolours, specifically indigo blue, cobalt blue, titanium white, quinacridone violet, black, yellow ochre, sap green, phthalo green

  • Watercolour paper (Windsor Newton, Arches or Opus brand)

  • Watercolour and long-haired ink brushes, and Hake wide brush

  • Spray bottle

  • Hair Dryer


Artist Bio:

Vancouver-based artist Tiffany Blaise creates contemporary landscape paintings infused with expression and gesture. In her practice, she explores the themes of movement and transformation through reinterpreting subjects such as dramatic coastlines and swirling skies.  Tiffany sources her landscape and seascape imagery of dramatic while adventuring around British Columbia and abroad.

The artist's abstract artwork unites the physical landscape with the world of the mind. “My art practice is a journey rooted in the exploration of thoughts and nature. I want to portray the connection between our inner nature and the landscape that surrounds us.

She aims to help people surround themselves with uplifting artwork that connects them to nature and presents an opportunity for contemplation.


You can view Tiffany's work online @tiffanyblaiseart or

Enjoy the Demo!

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